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As a young and dynamic spin-off from the OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology we are your partner for all topics in the field of micro assembly.

At MiCROW, we support you with a broad range of services to serve your needs. Starting with a problem analysis of your assembly or handling tasks and leading to the best possible solution for your microscale challenges.

Our invention, the micro-assembly and –handling station MiCROW-Pro, is suitable for a wide range of applications and can easily be customized to fulfill the requirements of your tasks – with an option to add other functions later on.

MiCROW GmbH was founded in January 2016 as a spin-off company from OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology. Based on the extensive expertise of the Division Microrobotics and Control Engineering at the University of Oldenburg, the MiCROW-Pro was successfully developed up to market standard and supported through the funding program EXIST-Transfer of Research by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. EXIST Transfer of Research supports outstanding research oriented projects that involve expensive and high-risk resource development.

Right from the start, MiCROW convinced customers and independent experts of the micro assembly station MiCROW-Pro and its benefits in manual production.

In September 2015 MiCROW was awarded a major prize of the start-up competition “IKT Innovativ” for the development of MiCROW-Pro. The jury praised especially the precision and flexibility of the micro assembly station, which can’t be accomplished at the calculated price by similar, competing systems.

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