Micro assembly system MiCROW-Pro

Addressing the challenges of micro assembly: Our solution


Works completely intuitive: 6D haptic devices translate your movements towards the micro scale.


Positioning accuracies of less than 100 nm are achievable. Latest driving technology makes it possible.


With simple tool exchange, MiCROW-Pro can handle multiple product variants and small series with one machine.


MiCROW-Pro allows different types of control, starting with manual remote control up to fully automated operation.


Designed for long-term use. The design allows easily adding new functionality in hard- and software.


With a footprint of 0.3 m2, MiCROW-Pro fits on your desk. Dedicated manufacturing facilities are not required.

Did you ever have to place an object smaller than a hair with the accuracy below the wavelength of visible light? Have you ever had to prepare tens or hundreds of samples for tests and characterizations? Have you ever hadto fixate objects on a pin head? We have! During our work with small objects we learned a lot about handling and assembly of small objects. We turned our knowledge into a micro assembly system.

MiCROW-Pro is a novel robotic desktop micro assembly station. You can use different tools on the small scale. This is the idea behind MiCROW-Pro. On a rail guide you coarsely position tool arms. Each arm is equipped with high precision robotic axes. These axes use the stick-slip effect, which allows for large travel ranges while maintaining positioning accuracies of less than 100 nm. The tool on each arm can be exchanged within a few minutes. Thus, MiCROW-Pro is easily reconfigurable and adaptable to changing production processes and product variants.

During operation, the focus is on an intuitive tele-operated micro-assembly. Therefore, each machine has multiple camera systems: one camera (with adjustable zoom and focus) observes the working space from above and is used to assess the position of tools and components. In addition, there is another camera on each tool arm for process monitoring. Each tool arm can be controlled either via a gamepad or a haptic device. Especially the 6D haptic devices imitate working with human hands. You will get the feeling as if you work with precision mechanic tools, such as tweezers or vacuum pipettes.

MiCROW-Pro Video

Technical details

  • Accuracy: ≤ 100 nm
  • Degrees of freedom (per tool arm): 6
  • Working space: 8 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm
  • Size: 50 cm x 40 cm x 60 cm
  • Weight: ca. 10 kg
  • Control: Gamepad, Haptic devices


Arms with different tools

Possible applications


Due to its technical configuration and economical way of producing, MiCROW-Pro can be used in different kind of fields.

The production of miniaturized sensors is a typical application. Future intelligent sensors should be “smart” – combining different technologies and thus become more intelligent. Such systems are hybrid – they need to combine components based on different technologies. Assembling those with high accuracy and reliability is a major challenge for companies today. MiCROW-Pro can support you in this matter by providing a playground to learn about the necessary assembly processes.

Working in a prototyping environment, such as labs, is another key area for MiCROW-Pro. Varying products or samples have to be prepared. Designing products or learning about the production processes is the first step to success. After that automation helps to deliver a constant quality. Therefore, lab automation is the key – also for MiCROW-Pro.

The images on the right side show some examples of applications that we have implemented together with our partners. Do not hesitate to contact us – our experienced team can offer you a tailor-made solutions for your challenge.

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