The three sides of MiCROW

The three sides of MiCROW

1. MiCROW – That is the core topic of our microassembly station MiCROW-Pro. The prefix “micro” describes both the parts to be handled and assembled as well as the achievable precision of the assembly. Micro can be combined with a large number of objects; starting with microsensors, which are assembled from microcomponents, via microlenses to microactuators or microparticles.

Miniaturization is the foundation for the current “industrial revolution”: Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0. Only large amount of sensors in the machinery and products allow for a holistic image of the machine and process conditions. Information is the base from which “meaning” or knowledge is developed or extracted. Until now the necessary information were reported back by the employee operating the machine. To gather these automatically requires large number of information sources / sensors. This results in a large number of newly designed sensors in prototyping state, which need to be tested and characterized, to deliver the requested information. Trends, which relate to this increased development activities, are further functional integration, hybrid systems, variable quantities with increase in production options – and further miniaturization, of course.

That is why we support the early development stages, which are characterized by small numbers of products but with various options and variations, with a flexible, intuitive and very precise microassembly station.

2. MiCROW – Using a crow as an icon for the company’s logo sure is unusual. It is still seen as bad omen in some countries or cultures, whereas in other it has a very good reputation for its cleverness and abilities. Nevertheless, crows are fascinating species. Especially the New Caledonian crow inspired the name. These birds are capable of using several tools sequentially to achieve a goal.

Similar to the crow our MiCROW-Pro can be equipped with several tools to allow also for more complex tasks. You can start assembling with one tool arm. If you require collaborative working on the product or prototype a second tool arm can be integrated. Up to four tool arms can be integrated and used in parallel. It is possible to upgrade also existing machines. The simplicity and cleverness of the crow are mirrored by the MiCROW-Pro: various tools can be intuitively controlled via gamepad, which allows for a quick start for every user.

Fun fact: Phonetically, crow is an ananym, reading it backwards states that you can “work” with our MiCROW-Pro.

3. MiCROW – Another phonetically similarity is given between the first two letters and “my”, indicating to work with your own MiCROW-Pro. If you want to work on a temporary basis or permanently with the MiCROW-Pro is up to you. We support you in purchasing or leasing a machine as well as buying machine time, for example with a machine rental model. It is, however, also possible to rent machine time regardless of the machine location. This allows you to fulfill your assembly tasks with the appropriate amount of (financial) resources.

The name MiCROW covers three topics in which we support you: microassembly as the technical field, with our benefits of the intuitive control and flexibility, as well as demand-driven machine accessibility. Our customers and partners approve of our solution to combine highest precision with intuitive control and flexibility.